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Title: Radioactive
Artist: Marina & the Diamonds
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Marina & the Diamonds // Radioactive

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Lady Gaga has revealed that in spite of the work with the album being closed, she would like to see “Gypsy” being single and earning a clip. For this, the plan would include the track on her next album and release it as a single (this idea has been used by many pop artists such as Britney Spears, which included “Radar” on the albums “Blackout” and “Circus”). 

Once ARTPOP was announced, Lady Gaga revealed that would record clips for all tracks on the album, but that did not happen. In backstage, Gaga explained to fans that did not happen because their record company did not pay all the videos and she could not do it with your money. Therefore, for have something for the fans, she recorded the video for “GUY” with her own money (since the record had no interest in investing in artpop after the problems with “Do What U Want”). 

Gaga also revealed that she bought a new house, which contains a room full of letters and gifts from fans.

About the next album, Gaga completed saying “I have to keep everything on the new album in secret. There are always people sniffing my pussy. If someone asks about my upcoming album, say that I’m creating an album of experimental hip-hop”.

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Title: Judas
Artist: Lady Gaga
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Welcome to the artRAVE!

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I’m Every Icon

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Lady Gaga - Fooled Me Again (Honest Eyes)

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